50 Must-Read Personal Development Bloggers That’ll Change Your Life

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Tired of reading the same blogs over and over? Looking for fresh articles to read? A new angle on your favorite personal development topics?

I got you covered! As much as I love writing about this subject, I can’t take credit for everything I write. Much of my knowledge on self-development came from reading these great writers and thinkers.

Unfortunately there’s no way for me to rank these bloggers objectively and accurately. The ranking here is based on their Twitter followers, but those numbers won’t tell you much about the quality of their content. So don’t take it as absolute in terms of quality. That being said, many of those at the top are there for good reason.

What this list lacks in ranking, however, it makes up for in quality. I’ve read all these blogs, and I’m a long term subscriber to a few of them. I’ve bought some of their books and courses, too.

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1. Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) of Fourhourworkweek.com

I’ve been a fan since I read the 4-Hour Workweek and I now have his other books, 4-Hour Body and 4-Hour Chef. He thinks and sees the world differently, and that shows in his writing.

From Tim, I learned that having many options isn’t always better. Sometimes, it’s better to eliminate them altogether so you don’t waste time on petty choices like what to eat for breakfast.

Favorite posts:

2. Maria Popova (@brainpicker) of Brainpickings.org

Maria Popova isn’t your usual self-development blogger. She calls herself an “interestingness hunter-gatherer, and curious mind at large” and that’s a very fitting description considering the amount of research she does for a single post.

Brain Pickings is a collection of the lessons she’s learned on creativity, intellectuality/growth, anxiety, spirituality and more. If you want to be a better note-taker, look-up her interview with Tim Ferriss.

Favorite posts:

3. Lori Deschene (@tinybuddha) of Tinybuddha.com

Lori Deschene is the author of Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself, co-founder of the Recreate Your Life Story eCourse, and creator of Tiny Buddha, a site on simple wisdom, inspiration, relationships, and mindfulness. While many of the posts are based on Buddhism’s teachings, it’s not exclusively about Buddhism—or religion for that matter.

Favorite posts:

4. Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt) of Michaelhyatt.com

Hyatt is the author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, and his personal blog is full of insightful and actionable posts on intentional leadership, productivity, publishing and more.

Favorite posts:

5. Leo Babuta (@zen_habits) of Zenhabits.net

Leo Babuta writes about habits and living a minimalist lifestyle. Zen Habits chronicles his journey in changing bad habits like smoking and adding better ones like waking early, plus the lessons he learned along the way.

Favorite posts:

6. Penelope Trunk (@penelopetrunk) of Penelopetrunk

I found Penelope Trunk on Google while I was researching for an article. I forgot what it was about, but her article came up on the search results and the headline stopped me in my tracks. 

I was intrigued. What would you learn about time management by hating someone? Since then, I’ve loved her style of storytelling and candor in writing.

Trunk’s blog is full of stories and advice about life, work and starting a business.

Favorite posts:

7. Chris Guilleabeu (@chrisguillebeau) of Chrisguillebeau.com

Chris Guillebeau is a travel hacker. So what’s he doing here in a list of personal development bloggers? Aside from traveling the world using frequent flyer miles, he’s also the author of the unconventional guide series, which are awesome guides for travelling, publishing and getting rich.

From him, I learned how to dream dreams worth chasing. He also showed me how to conduct annual reviews without going crazy.

Favorite posts:

8. Marie Forleo (@marieforleo) of Marieforleo.com

Marie Forleo is the host of Marie TV and author of Make Every Man Want You: How To Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself.

Her website is full of sassy and actionable advice for anyone wanting to build a business, focus, and overcome their limiting beliefs.

Favorite posts:

9. Danielle LaPorte (@daniellelaporte) of Daniellelaporte.com/

Danielle LaPorte is the author of The Fire Starter Sessions and co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan.

Yes, the site is probably geared for people who love inspirational quotes and soul-searching, but LaPorte’s website is much more than that. The posts are relatable, memorable and inspirational but not to the point that it’s too cheesy for my liking.

Favorite posts:

10. Ramit Sethi  (@ramit) of Iwillteachyoutoberich.com

Ramit Sethi’s writing is very direct and practical. No woo-woo inspirational but vague advice! He’s not afraid to call people out on their BS, and as a result he practically has a cult following. In email, he sounds like a scary guy (you’ll know what I mean if you’re subscribed to his newsletter), but he’s cool and approachable in person.

From Ramit, I learned that everything is negotiable.  I also learned how to test (and break) my assumptions, like “Who will pay me this much if other freelancers charge half of that?”

Favorite posts:

11. James Clear (@james_clear) of Jamesclear.com

On the surface, it looks like a health and fitness blog but once you read through it, you’ll realize that everything here is focused on physical and mental mastery.

If you’re always trying to exceed your limits, physically and mentally, this site is for you.

Favorite posts:

12. John Romaniello (@JohnRomaniello) of Romanfitnesssystems.com

Roman Fitness Systems is a fitness and lifestyle website, but they also have write-ups on personal development. The site is a good resource for people looking to improve their physical appearance, that is—to look thinner or put on some muscle.

Quick side note: Roman doesn’t like getting included in lists like this. But I’m including him here anyway because his site is a great resource for getting results in your diet and exercise, which then leads to a better life.

Favorite posts:

13. Steven Handel (@StevenHandel) of Theemotionmachine.com

Steven Handel is the man behind The Emotion Machine, an in-depth blog on psychology and self-improvement. The site’s tagline is “The psychology blog that’s better than your local therapist,” based on the posts I’ve read, I think he’s right. I definitely learned more from him than from my Psych 101 class.

Favorite posts:

14. John Wesley and Erin Falconer (@PickTheBrain) of Pickthebrain.com

Pick the Brain has been around for a while now. Its coverage extends to many facets of personal development, but the general themes are productivity, motivation, self-improvement/education and health.

The site’s community writers are creative and often come up with a fresh angle on things, so although they talk about pretty much the same thing, the posts don’t read like the rehashed stuff littering the web.

Favorite posts:

15. Joshua Becker (@joshua_becker) of Becomingminimalist.com

Becker’s site is all about living a simple, yet rewarding, life. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on ‘more important pursuits’ and throwing away the stuff that clutter your life.

If you believe in less is more, you’ll probably like this site. But it’s not just for organization-freaks. Dig around and you’ll also find great articles on success, parenting, work, finances and more.

Favorite posts:

16. Mark Manson (@IAmMarkManson) of Markmanson.net

Manson writes unconventional life advice, the kind you won’t like reading if you’re used to getting things easy or if you’re a fan of The Secret.

His blog is a realistic self-help site based on psychology and evidence through experience. Topics covered include life choices, culture, relationships and self-improvement.

Favorite posts:

17. Tyler Tervooren (@tylertervooren) of Riskology.co

What’s your risk appetite? Find out by taking Riskology’s quiz.

Tervooren’s blog offers strategies on life, career and adventure with a focus on increasing your risk tolerance via science-backed methods.

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about this blog. Increasing my risk appetite? What is this a scammy investment? But no, Riskology’s content is great for people allergic to change, or stuck in their comfort zone, as it teaches you to tame your brain (and improve your life) in tiny increments.

Favorite posts:

18. Jonathan Mead (@jonathanmead) of Paidtoexist.com

Paid to Exist can help you the day job you hate and find freedom in working on your own terms.  Mead has written tons of realistic and actionable content to help you quit your day job, grow, and build a business that can support your lifestyle.

Favorite post:

19. Eric Barker (@bakadesuyo) of Bakadesuyo.com

The blog’s name translates to “I am an idiot” and also to “I am Barker” because Japanese people pronounce it as “Baka”

Don’t let the name fool you. This site is anything but. My Getpocket account is filled with articles from Bakadesuyo!

I love his posts on productivity and goal setting, but he also writes cool stuff about negotiation and persuasion. Everything he writes is based on Science, or at least a good book he has read.

Favorite posts:

20. Scott Dinsmore (@_Scott_Dinsmore) of Liveyourlegend.net

Live Your Legend is dedicated to helping people find work that excites them. It’s an active community of inspiring and action-oriented people helping each other find meaningful work.

Dinsmore also continuously travels the world to host local Live Your Legend meetups. So if you’re tired of the glass ceiling, this blog is for you.

Favorite posts:

21.  Jenny Blake (@jenny_blake) of Lifeaftercollege.org

Blake writes about leadership, entrepreneurship and more. The site’s content is geared towards fresh graduates and millennials. It’s a great source of strategies for excelling in life outside academia.

Favorite post: Have You Become a Half-Dead Adult?

22. Luminita D. Saviuc (@PurposeFairy) of Purposefairy.com

Saviuc’s writing focuses on the hidden truths, the things we ignore yet hugely affect our lives. Read Purpose Fairy to learn more about human behavior from great thinkers like Einstein, Lao Tzu, Socrates and Victor Frankl, just a short list of Saviuc’s inspiration for her posts.

Favorite posts:

23. Tina Su (@thinksimplenow ) of  Thinksimplenow.com

Think Simple Now is a collection of real life stories from different people.  Whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone—that’s their message.

With over a thousand stories from people all over the world, chances are you’ll find someone who went through the same troubles you’re currently experiencing. You can read their stories to learn from their experience or just find solace knowing that others have walked the same path as you.

Favorite post: How to Quiet Your Mind

24. Sean Ogle (@seanogle) Seanogle.com

It’s a great site for freelancers, travelers, and location independent entrepreneurs. Ogle initially put it up to keep himself accountable, but he now helps others accomplish their goals of being a ‘location rebel’—what he calls anyone who can work or earn a living from anywhere.

If traveling while working isn’t your thing, he also has posts about setting priorities, creating habits and building a business.

Favorite posts:

25. Steven Aitchison (@StevenAitchison) of Stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog

With a background in Psychology, addiction and management, Atchinson set up this blog to chronicle the lessons he learned in his different jobs. He writes about waking up early, changing habits through changing your thoughts, and  other aspects of personal development.

Favorite posts:

26. Nisha Moodley (@askNisha) of Nishamoodley.com

Moodley blogs about creating change for women leaders and entrepreneurs. She believes sisterhood (community) is essential to a woman’s freedom, and creates communities of women supporting each other’s lives and businesses.

She also writes about doing more while having more fun, finding clarity and more.

Favorite post: Does your lover validate your life?

27. Joel Runyon (@joelrunyon) of Impossiblehq.com

If you want to stretch your limits, go to Impossiblehq.com. Let Runyon show you how to shatter your limiting beliefs about diet, exercise and more.

Be prepared to work hard, though. Runyon’s method, especially Impossible Fitness, is not for sissies. If you’re scared, hesitant or have serious self-doubts, that’s okay because he’ll help you get over that, too.

Favorite posts:

28. Henrik Edberg (@positivityblog) of Positivityblog.com

Edberg is first to admit that his blog is a work-in-progress, just like he is. So he makes no promises of being a one-stop shop for personal development.

Social skills, confidence and awareness seem like the general theme here, but he also has some great content about reducing stress.

Favorite posts:

29.  Britt Reints (@missbritt) of Inpursuitofhappiness.net

Reints calls herself Czar of Happiness and a happiness expert. The site is about her journey to finding her own happiness without letting society’s expectations get in the way. It’s message is somewhat similar to Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, as Reint’s writing helps you find happiness in your everyday life—without having to move to the Caribbean  or radically change your lifestyle.

Favorite posts:

30. Scott Young (@scotthyoung) of Scotthyoung.com

I first heard of Scott because of his MIT challenge: take MIT’s 4-year Computer Science curriculum without taking any classes in one year. Sounds impossible, but he actually accomplished it.

Who knew it was possible to complete a challenging degree—or at least the equivalent of it—in 1 year?

His blog is a collection of his lessons, ramblings and experiments in different subjects, such as rapid learning, productivity, and the meaning of life.

Favorite posts:

31.  Therese Schwenkler (@tschwenkler) of Theunlost.com

The Unlost is about dealing with the ‘suckiness’ of life, relationships, and finding a meaningful job. But it’s written from the perspective of an honest, I-don’t-care-if-you-hate-me kind of friend.

Schwenkler wrote it to answer the questions she’s been asking her whole life—questions you might’ve asked yourself as well, like “What’s my life’s purpose?” or “Why is my crush such a douche bag?”

Favorite posts:

32. Tim Brownson (@adaringadventure) of adaringadventure.com

Tim Brownson is a life coach and NLP practitioner specializing in helping people get unstuck. Unlike other coaches and personal development bloggers, he doesn’t believe in molly cuddling. He swears quite a bit in his posts and comments, it might be his brand of tough love.

His free e-books, 70 Brain Facts, and Don’t Ask Stupid Questions, are entertaining and informative.

Favorite posts:

33. Charlie hoehn (@charliehoehn) of Charliehoehn.com

I first heard about Charlie Hoehn when I read his post on being a workaholic at Tim Ferriss’ blog. I eventually got his book, Play It Away, which helped me deal with my panic attacks and burnout. Then I got his course, Recession Proof Graduate, which teaches you how (and why) to work for free then later on accelerate your career— and salary—even if you don’t have experience.

Favorite posts:

34. Jonathan Wells (@mrjWells) Advancedlifeskills.com

This is similar to the other psychology based blogs here, except the focus is on optimizing your body and behavior modification.

Prior to starting the website, Wells worked as a nutritional counselor working with athletes and bodybuilders. His work with already disciplined athletes and regular people wanting to lose weight helped him devise a method of changing people’s mental association with different things, such as people’s association of pain and exercise.

Read this blog to learn more about mental imagery, anchoring, behavior and changing deep-rooted but limiting beliefs.

Favorite posts:

35. Brett McKay (@brettmckay and @artofmanliness) of Artofmanliness.com

Okay, this site might be focused on men, but the ladies might find it useful, too. If not that, at least it gives us an interesting perspective of how guys think.

Man or not, The Art of Manliness will show you that there’s more to being a man than having a car and a gorgeous six-pack. Like McKay says, it’s a blog about ‘growing up well.’

They have posts about confidence (swagger), old-school manly skills, grooming or fashion, career, and relationships.

Favorite posts:

36. Tynan (@tynan) of Tynan.com

Tynan is an adventurer, traveler, founder of blogging platform Sett.com and a former pickup artist.

Don’t let the pickup artist title fool you. His blog has several thought provoking posts on minimalism, lifestyle, and habits.

Favorite post: When to be Stubborn

37. Brendan Baker (@Brendan_Baker) of Startofhappiness.com

Brendan Baker’s Start of Happiness is chock full of strategies and tools on goal setting, entrepreneurship, career and life improvement in general. Check out his post on scheduling the best year of your life to get a simple to use schedule template.

Favorite posts:

38. Alex Blackwell (@thebridgemaker) Thebridgemaker.com

This blog doesn’t cover the usual themes of personal development. But it does tackle several important aspects of the human life—forgiveness, letting go and change.

It might not teach you about success, but these topics are important just the same. After all, learning how to forgive and let go is necessary for us to grow as humans.

Favorite posts:

39. Simona Rich (@simonarich) of Simonarich.com

Simona knows what it’s like to work in a toxic job— toxic not because of the management or environment, but the job description itself. The site is full of good articles on traveling solo, failure, meditation, yoga and clarity.

Favorite posts:

40. Scott Britton (@britton) of Life-longlearner.com

Scott writes about business development, self-development, life-hacks, fitness and psychology. He’s a great example of the 4-hour Workweek lifestyle and a true life hacker with a sense of adventure. But prior to all his amazing accomplishments, he was rejected for a job in Wall Street, and worked as a towel boy for New York Jets.

His life is an inspiring comeback story and the blog serves as a guidebook for achieving something awesome despite major setbacks in life.

Favorite posts:

41. Douglas Eby (@DouglasEby) of Talentdevelop.com

When I first visited this site, I was a bit overwhelmed with the categories on the menu. What in the world is high-sensitivity anyway?

Once I got past that, I saw Talent Develop as a goldmine of well-researched articles—some short, some long—about different areas of human potential (talent and creativity).

Eby says the site started out as a project and personal research to understand his own challenges, like his self-critical nature, questions about creative expression—and its accompanying ‘dark moods.’

Favorite posts:

42. Dan Pardi (@DansPlanHealth) of Dan’s Plan

Dan’s Plan provides tips about food, movement, and sleep—what Pardi considers as the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

The website itself is a tracking service, helping you monitor your food intake, sleep, exercise, weight and more. They also hold group contests and allow you to connect different fitness trackers.

Favorite post: Vitamin D Revisited

43. Jennifer Gresham (@JenGresham) of Everydaybright.com

Gresham helps her readers design a fulfilling career by helping them figure out their priorities. Everyday Bright covers creative thinking, job hunting hacks, designing your own career, and defining success.

For me, it’s a collection of interesting stories and tidbits about career, and the much coveted but elusive work-life balance.

Favorite post: How Do You Know If You’re Wasting Your Life?

44. Rebecca Fraser-Thill (@WorkingSelf) of Workingself.com

Here’s another site on finding meaningful work. But this one isn’t just based on experience or inspiration, as Thil prides herself on basing much of her content on psychology.

Favorite post: The Great Fear of the Twenties: Wasting Our Potential

45. Joe Wilner (@shakethegrind) Shakeoffthegrind.com/blog

Wilner is a self-admitted preppy dresser. He’s a licensed psychotherapist and coach who helps young and middle aged adults create a life filled with passion, purpose and presence. Shake the Grind is about building confidence, well-being and grit, while overcoming life’s emotional and mental challenges.

If you’re facing a tough challenge, his blog posts can help you avoid overwhelm and keep yourself grounded.

Favorite post: Rise and Grind: What if You Lost it All? (A Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge)

46. Amit Amin  (@HappierHuman) of Happierhuman.com

Don’t let the site’s name fool you. The posts here are, on average, 3 times longer than your average blog post. And for good reason!

Amin’s posts are very detailed, backed with links to studies and researches, not just empty claims.

Happier Human is for people who really want to understand happiness, the process, geeky details and all the nuances in between. But he does a good job explaining things in layman terms so you won’t get bored reading.

Most of the posts are about positive psychology, but you’ll also find in-depth guides about stress, and human behavior.

Favorite posts:

47.  Stephen Guise (@deepexistence) of Deepexistence.com

Guise writes about minimalism, maintaining focus, and the importance of small steps to building habits.

If you’re looking for inspiration or motivation to do your job, this site isn’t for you. Guise says it himself; Deep Existence is about “12% inspiration and 88% logic” so you’re better off picking another site from this list.

Guise, like me, believes that inspiration isn’t enough to change your life. Only logic, practical steps you can follow, will. And that, in turn, will motivate you to keep going.

Favorite posts:

48. Eduard Ezeanu (@eduardezeanu) of Peopleskillsdecoded.com

Ezeanu is a social and confidence coach with a background in Psychology. His blog doesn’t look much, but I appreciate the simple and logical explanations he provides in each post.

Honestly, I just found this blog a few months ago. But being the introvert that I am, I’ve been reading it frequently since, hoping to lessen the awkwardness I feel when talking to people.

Favorite posts:

49. Izmael Arkin or Izzy (@30YearOldninja) of 30yearoldninja.com

Izzy was a Middle School Science Teacher. He wanted to be a ninja. Did I mention he was 30 years old when he started all this?

Years later, he moved to Kyoto Japan to train in Aikido. And he’s now a real life, 30-something ninja. Arkin is proof that you can be anything you want, regardless of your age or background. His blog shows you how to develop the discipline and grit it takes to achieve your dreams.

Favorite post: 11 Ways To Increase Your Discipline And Get Things Done

50.  Harleena Singh (@aha_now) of Aha-now.com

Harleena writes inspiring content about family, self-improvement, relationships and health. She doesn’t like getting labeled as a ‘personal development guru’ or a life coach, rather just a person with lessons and experiences to share.

Favorite posts:

How You Can Use This List

Whew! That was a lot! Okay, now you might be thinking, “What now? So many choices… Where do I start?”

Whatever you do, don’t try to read them all in one go. Go back and scan the list, then pick 2-3 blogs that caught your attention. Or you can pick depending on which blogs will help with your goals for this year.

After that, choose all the blogs that you might read, or be interested in reading this year, then follow them on Twitter. That way, you’ll get updates from them and won’t forget to check their site.

When your priorities change, or if you’re looking for something new to read, go back to this list.

Did I Miss Someone?

Do you know someone who should be on this list? Let us know in the comments. We’re always on the lookout for new blogs to read.

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