Best Productivity Apps For Android to Skyrocket Your Output

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We live in an incredibly competitive and complex world, but the best productivity apps For Android are here to help navigate it.

It can be tough to navigate the waters of your work life, while staying on top of the dozens of other commitments you have lingering in the background. Making sure that you do things effectively and efficiently is one thing, but ensuring that you don’t slip up, forget things and make mistakes is another.

The human brain didn’t evolve to juggle this many tasks at once. Fortunately, while technology has given us more responsibilities, it has also provided a way to manage these tasks by outsourcing some of the cognitive load to different machines and applications.

The main benefit of these apps is that we can keep them, literally, at arms reach, inside our cell phones. This allows us to seamlessly connect our work and home lives, on the go, wherever we are.

The following list will help you find the most effective apps to improve your productivity in four important areas of your life:

  1. scheduling and time management,
  2. financial management,
  3. collaboration and team management, and
  4. health management.

Here are 8 of the best productivity apps for Android to skyrocket your output…

Scheduling and Time Management


They usually say save the best for last – but that wouldn’t be very productive now, would it? Instead, I’m going to save you time by giving you the best productivity app straight away. Automation apps are an ever-expanding market and for good reason. Tasker can do (almost) anything from turning on your Bluetooth when you step in the car to disabling your lock screen when you step in the house. It can send a particular email or text once you arrive at the office or disable screen rotation for individual apps. Furthermore, it has many of its own plugins, so it continues to become more and more versatile.

Download Tasker for Android

Google Calendar

Google calendar is an app that you can use for web and mobile to keep track of events and to share them with others. People often overlook it because it’s free and already available if you have any sort of Google account, whether drives or Gmail or Google Plus. However just because sometimes the most effective tools are right under our noses, and if you want a powerful tool to manage your schedule, Google calendar is the way to go. You can add and remove events, color code them, share them with gmail contacts, integrate with a number of web-based applications, and receive automatic reminders to your phone based on conversations in Gmail.

Download Google Calendar for Android

Financial Management

Good Budget

Good budget is an app that plays on an old fashioned way of dividing your money. Basically, you separate a certain amount of money for each expense, say $100, and you place them in virtual envelopes. For common costs like rent, food and entertainment, you can allocate one amount, and for saving for emergencies or vacations, another. You simply need to add a transaction to the account every time you spend money, and it will help you exactly where your finances have been budgeted each month. It may seem deceptively simple, but that’s exactly why it’s so good, with a clean interface and charts and graphs to track your spending visually, it’s the perfect productivity app for your android. Good budget comes in a free plan and plus plan for $45 a year or $5 a month.

Download Good Budget for Android


Mint is similar in function to good budget, and the difference between the two typically depends on style preferences more than anything else. The benefit, however, is that it allows you to create goals and receive notifications when you have late fees, bill reminders, or go over budget. Mint is free but generates revenue from its ad banners, which some may find annoying and invasive.

Collaboration and Team Management


Trello is a task management app for teams that is visually stunning. Basically, you have a digital whiteboard that you fill with different colored post-it notes. You can click on each note to go into more detail about the task and view additional resources. The team can divide each board and team member into activities that are to do, doing, and those that need to be done. Trello starts with free plans which allows all the basics. They also have a $10 a month business plan and a $20 a month enterprise plan, which allow unlimited boards and integrations with evernote, google drive, dropbox, and more.

Download Trello for Android

Google Drive

Again we come back to the basics. Google drive is so easy to navigate and combine with your other applications, that it has become somewhat of a staple. Google Docs and Google Sheets are easy to use, particularly when you want to edit and share documents between groups. For many people they’ve begun to replace windows software, and with constant autosaves and cloud sharing, we never have to lose files again!

Download Google Drive for Android

Health Management

My Fitness Pal

When it comes to productivity, our work tasks aren’t the only area we should focus on. Fitness and health is the most direct way to optimize our energy, and therefore output. However, this is unsurprisingly another time-consuming aspect of life, which is where My Fitness Pal comes is. This fitness app helps you to track your calories, as well as the vitamins and nutrients you’re getting in your diet. After being acquired by Under Armour, they’ve released a premium version which includes recipes and meal plans. My Fitness Pal is the perfect way to track your health, exercise, and diet, particularly if you don’t have much time on your hands. The plans start at $10 a month or $49 a year.

Download My Fitness Pal for Android

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation app and social community that allows you access to thousands of free guided meditations from around the world. Though it may not seem like a first choice productivity app, it is the quickest and easiest way to learn meditation and stay accountable with a community. And once meditation becomes a keystone habit, you’ll see your productivity skyrocket. The majority of features in the app are included in the free version, though for $5 a month you can download guided meditations and take them on the go.

Download Insight Timer for Android

Ultimately if you want to skyrocket your output, you need the right apps to help you do so. These eight applications can help you to streamline your responsibilities so you save time and get more done. Many of them are free or offer free trials, so try them today – you’ve got nothing to lose!

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