6 Excuses There Are No Excuses For

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If you’ve done something wrong it can be difficult to admit to others (and yourself) that you’re ashamed.

That’s where excuses come into play. You make excuses or lie instead of apologizing or saying I’m sorry because you’re scared admit your weaknesses and faults.

But excuses are toxic to yourself and those you care for.

The psychological term “cognitive dissonance” is the discomfort experienced by someone who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time. If you make excuses, not only are failing to admit your faults, but you’re creating more faults by creating excuses about it.

It’s time to stop the vicious cycle and say “no excuses.” Here are 6 excuses there are no excuses for.

1. You’ve Already Lost


While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated.

Maya Angelou

A lot of people accept defeat before they even start a project, because influences have convinced them that even just trying is a losing proposition.

It’s common for the pessimistic to immediately compare themselves to the most successful people in their desired fields. From there they convince themselves that they will never reach that level. And maybe that’s true.

Not everyone who hits a free throw will become the next Michael Jordan. And, an “A” in science class doesn’t guarantee you a Nobel Prize in Physics. But your chances at achieving your dreams are completely diminished if you can’t get past your own insecurities, and there are no excuses for defeat by ones own insecurity.

Think about this. No one counts the number of steps from base camp to the top of Mount Everest; that would be silly. By that same logic, you shouldn’t act as if a ladder to success only has two rungs. Make sensible, achievable goals for yourself so that you can earn some satisfaction on the admittedly long journey from an amateur into a champion.

Not many people go from zero to hero in sixty seconds. But, the rise is the reason for the journey. Set small goals throughout your journey to success so that you can taste a series of smaller successes over time. These successes are ultimately just as sweet.

2. You’re Not Good Enough

Good Enough

Too many individuals immediately assume that they don’t “have what it takes.” They see other, perhaps more naturally gifted individuals rise through the ranks quicker than they can and feel left in the dust. In truth, they might be the tortoise who overtakes the hare.

As the fable goes, people with a lot of natural talent tend to rest on their laurels. The people that don’t start at the top push harder and climb faster to reach the peak.

If you don’t have the same level of skills as your competitors yet, treat this as a blessing. You’re just blood, sweat and tears away from earning your spot instead of just having it handed to you.

3. You Need To Wait For The Right Moment


If you keep waiting for the right moment, the opportunity you’re desperate for will inevitably pass you by. You won’t know it, because you never put yourself in the position to have that moment that could have changed everything.

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

There are no excuses you can make for letting your life pass you by. Just going through the motions is unacceptable. You need to find your passion, and swiftly turn that passion into action. Getting up-and-running is the first and most significant step on a journey.

4. You’re Too Busy


If there is one thing that most learn in their early twenties, it’s that time is a luxury, the most luxurious luxury in fact. Unfortunately, time is mostly spent unwisely. How you can save time is by learning how to avoid procrastinating which can add hours, days, or even weeks worth of time back into your life.

Learn techniques for overcoming procrastination and figure out other parts of your schedule that could be expunged or cut down upon. Identify the things and people you want or need in your life, and get rid of the rest.

If you’re not being productive and not relaxing, you’re probably wasting your time. For example, a lot of us are guilty of spending, mostly wasting, too much time on our phones.

Try this: scroll through each application on your phone, and ask yourself these two questions. Are you getting any direct satisfaction out of the application, whether it’s a game you’re playing or social media platform you’re using? Is the application helping you improve yourself in some tangible way? If you can’t answer yes to either of these questions, you should immediately delete it from your phone.

Saving time can be that simple. And it’s very easy to translate this example from your phone to your real life. If you decide to use this tip to de-clutter your life, there are no excuses for ever saying you’re too busy. So, learn to manage your time well and balance productivity with enough relaxing activities to keep you productive the rest of the day. You’ll be amazed how far you go.

5. You Can’t Handle Losing


Joe Louis Clark, subject of the inspiring 1989 film Lean on Me, says, “Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it.” He’s right.

Anyone afraid that they would be too traumatized by failure doesn’t understand the strength of the human spirit and its ability to cope with tragedies far larger than not succeeding at something. Believe in yourself and your fortitude so you don’t give up on something too soon.

6. You Simply Can’t Do It

Can't Do It

The simplest and most dangerous excuse you can tell yourself and others is that accomplishing your goal is completely out of your power. Believe this, and you’re doomed.

There are no excuses for believing in your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Take pride in your accomplishments rather have shame over the times you stumbled. One of the only ways something is out of your power is if you accept that it is.

It’s time to stay no to excuses. Throw away all the reasons you can’t do something and compile a list of reasons you can.

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