Congratulations! You’re on “The Way” to improving your life!

Here’s what you’ll get:

“The Way” Personal Growth Planner is a downloadable PDF with a four-week roadmap of simple, daily tasks designed to make you feel great and improve your life.  It’s on it’s way and will be delivered within the week

The Way includes:

  • Life Goals where you track your bigger goals you want to achieve in life that directly tie into your…
  • Daily Planner where you track your daily tasks, goals, inspiration, gratefulness, successes, lessons, and insights.
  • Relationship Builder where you monitor and build relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and associates.
  • Habit Tracker where you track the bad habits you want to break (e.g. smoking) and good habits you want to develop (e.g. learning a new language).
  • Happiness and Emotions Scale where you rate your level of happiness and other emotions as you progress through the course.
  • Progress Report where you track your weekly and monthly progress and what you need to do to achieve your goals.
  • Reflection Room where you can reflect on your personal journey on The Way either through stories, thoughts, drawings, or any other way you want to express yourself.

You’ll also get a FREE 30-day trial of the Accountability “Buddy” System

When you sign up for The Way you’ll also get access to our Accountability “Buddy” System that follows along with the planner—sending you tasks, reminders, and progress reports to keep you accountable.

These daily emails include:

  • Tasks and reminders to keep you marching down the path of success and self improvement.
  • Weekly progress reports with your accomplishments and to-dos. Our system is interactive so when you respond to the daily emails with your diary entries we compile a report each week with your successes.
  • Bonus videos, guides, tips, and more to help you along your journey.

We’re processing your order and will send you your first email within 24 hours.

Thanks, and here’s to finding “The Way”,

Inspiration Team